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As the holders of an alcohol delivery license, we can source, pair and pick up wine for you at any eligible liquor licenced establishment or merchant. We have long-standing relationships with what we believe are the most exciting wine agencies around – Cru Wine Merchants, The Living Vine, Groupe Soleil, Lifford Wine and Spirits, Rogers and Company, among others.


wine + beverage pairing
for your event

From low intervention "raw" and organic wines, the hippest boutique discoveries to the classics...we can find that perfect wine for any event or occasion. If you simply need us to pick up your favourite beer from your local brewery, we can do that too - think of us as a mobile bottle shop! Click the button below for our up to date list and fill out our form and Graidhne will get back to you.


wine education + fun

Is there anything that goes better with oysters than Champagne? We think not! Perhaps you'd like to treat your guests to a seminar all about Sparkling wines. Learn how Champagne is made and taste a variety of styles. Understand the differences between Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava. You'll learn to appreciate why it is one of the most celebrated drinks in the world!

We can tailor your wine experience to your needs and preferences. Past seminar themes include "Understanding France - a wine tour of France's major wine regions," "New World vs. Old World, a comparative tasting tour between classic wines of France and their new world counterparts - from the big reds of Ossoyos to the sparkling wines of Nova Scotia – the exciting world of Canadian wine."

We'd be delighted to design the perfect interactive wine experience for you and your guests!


wine, beer + cider list

Though we're happy to pick up and deliver any alcohol you need for your event, we have a specially crafted list of our favourite wines, beers and ciders that highlight beverages that pair well with seafood and our other offerings. Our list constantly changes to keep up with the newest releases and availability. 


cellar management

Is it a challenge for you to find wine in your own cellar? What is the value of that 2000 Tignanello sitting in your liquor cabinet? Do you want to have a wine fridge stocked with the most unique and exciting finds? Maybe your cellar is complete, but you need it organized and inventoried? We have lots of experience handling our clients' valuable collections and keeping their cellars and wine fridges full. With ongoing communications with some of Toronto's top wine agents, we keep up with the newest, most fabulous finds that you won't find at your local liquor store. We offer cellar management services from a quick, summer refresh to ongoing purchasing, stocking and inventory. If you just want us to make sure you're fully stocked with that (good quality) boxed wine you keep under the kitchen table, there's no judgement here – we can do that too! 


cocktail bar creation,
staffing + service

After two years of opening your own wines and making your own cocktails, wouldn't you just love the opportunity to have a seasoned professional do it for you? Perhaps you'd like to offer your guests a full bar with custom cocktails? We have a team of experienced bartenders, sommeliers and servers to staff your event with whatever you require. From refined Champagne service to casual dockside bar-slinging, we are excited to add that extra level of service to your event with customized bar and wine service to suit your needs.

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Graidhne is a gifted hospitality professional, evidenced by her successes across numerous companies. She is optimistic, motivational, knowledgeable and discreet. Her magnificent interpersonal skills have positive ripple effects throughout any team. She is bright, creative, and genuinely cares for her client's success as much as her own.


As a business owner, I am acutely aware of how important it is to work with people who care deeply about their customers and are considerate and cooperative partners. I would highly recommend trusting Graidhne for your next event.

Scott Zebarth, Sommelier

Managing Director of Gargoyle Inc.

In the crowded professional ranks of the wine and hospitality industry, we rarely meet individuals who possess a combination of clear, confident ability and a natural fit in their chosen field. Graidhne is one of those people. I have met and worked with untold numbers of talented people but what stands out here is integrity, warmth, and detail. Add significant doses of knowledge, curiosity, and drive, and you have someone with whom we all want to work. Having known and worked with Graidhne for over 25 years, I would not hesitate to recommend her in any future endeavour in which she is involved.

Charles Baker, Winemaker, 

Director, Cru Wine Merchants, 

Stratus Vineyards

Wine is one of the agreeable and essential ingredients of life.
julia child

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